The original campaign established awareness through content, brand tone, and the emotional benefit. It demonstrated how the Tennessean content made you better informed, to really know Nashville, and how to get out there and enjoy it.
I was tasked with updating the campaign with a new look and feel. This included making a place for all of us, which means making a place for your voice – to show how our content, discounts and more help you get caught up in it and keeps you coming back.
The best way to convey “Get Caught Up In It” is to literally get them caught up in something – live. So, our idea was to focus on promoting events and experiences.
Campaign highlights:
Oct 2019: GCUII accounted for 93% of the market’s brand traffic. The five sub-campaigns averaged a page depth of 11+ views per visit.
Nov 2019: 25K PVs, 4.4 PVs/visit, 4 newsletter signups, 1 registration.

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