Nashville Storytellers is all about connection – to our city and the people in it. Through storytelling we want Nashvillians to better know and understand their neighbors. Because, the more people feel connected to each other – through meaningful and entertaining personal stories – the more they will feel connected to their city and inspired to contribute to making it a better place.
While the Storytellers event itself had been connecting people to their city, the creative wasn't telling the same story. Before I took over the creative in 2016, the campaign was very generic and didn't connect the audience with the Storytellers.
My concept was to use the actual Storytellers in the promotion of the events. Using a handwritten quote, the initial ads would obscure the face of the Storyteller and only focus on the quote to garner interest and intrigue. Closer to the event, the full image would be revealed along with the Storytellers name and help solidify their story.

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